13 Ways to Increase Your Checkout Rate


The average shopping cart abandonment rate is 69.89%. How high is yours? People abandon their carts for a variety of reasons. From unexpected shipping costs to simply not being ready to buy a product, there always seems to be a reason that people do not follow through with their orders. The graphic below highlights these […]

Mobile Cheat Sheet

Mobile Cheat Sheet

54% of visitors and 30% of purchases come from mobile devices, which is why it is important to understand the difference between your mobile users and your desktop users. Below are 7 suggestions that will turn mobile visitors into customers.

Why You Should Offer a Guest Checkout

Guest Checkout

As an e-commerce store owner, you’re probably aware of the challenge that shopping cart abandonment poses to your business. According to the reputable Baynard Institute, the average shopping cart abandonment rate for e-commerce stores stands at a staggering 68.63% as of January 2016. This means that a whopping 7 out of 10 people leave your […]