Wish Lists

Wish lists aren’t just for Santa anymore. They are for you and your customers, helping to save their favorite items to come back to at a later date.

There was a recent study done by Metrilo where they picked 50 stores and compared the sales in the 6 months before and after implementing wish lists. They found that sales increased by a whopping 19.3% on average.

I thought their findings were fascinating and wanted to share them with you. Below are five of their examples of how to best implement wish lists to increase conversions.

How to Implement this for Shopify Users

Lucky for you, Shopify offers a variety of different apps to help you with this. Two of these that are worth looking into are SocialShopWave and Wishlist Plus.

With SocialShopWave, wishlists are included in the app for free but if you purchase a better plan, you can get access to advanced wish lists. Wishlist Plus includes many options like sharing the wish list via email or social media and a trending wishlist widget depending on the plan you choose, which range from $0 to $59.99 a month. Both of these would be solid choices in helping you implement a wishlist into your Shopify store.


What are your thoughts on adding a wish list to your store? Is it easier said than done?



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  1. Great article! Which of those two Shopify apps do you recommend the most?

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