Product Reviews

As part of the extensive research I do to inform my detailed ecommerce UX Audits, I found these stats about product reviews. So instead of just telling you that you should make sure to have product reviews on your site, I’ll try to prove it.


Here are some stats about reviews…


How should you implement product reviews?

Below are my recommendations based on those research findings:

  1. Have minimum 10 reviews (and the associated rating) per product.
  2. Show a rating distribution summary, and add the ability to filter reviews based on the rating.
  3. Give an incentive for your buyers to write a review.
  4. Email buyers soon after they received their product to ask them for a review.


So, do you have product reviews on your site?

Reviews are an absolute MUST, and they will have a major impact on your conversion.

How many reviews do you have on average for each product? There are ways to get them easily.



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