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Personalize your homepage for every user

When you log into Amazon, the homepage tends to feature recommended products. And no two homepages are exactly the same. The recommended products vary from person to person. First, there is the “Pick up where you left off” section. Here, Amazon shows you a selection of products that you looked at but didn’t buy. Then […]


Products or categories first?

A typical homepage looks something like this: an array of featured products you’re promoting and then your categories. If a user likes one of the products you’re pushing and buys it, fine. If he doesn’t, he can browse through categories or use the search bar. But what if you only have a few products? Do […]


Make your featured product carousels user-friendly

Carousels come in handy when you need to promote certain products on your homepage. They save a lot of space as they allow you to fit more items in a relatively small area that can be scrolled horizontally.  To get the most out of your homepage carousels, you’ll need to design them with a focus […]


Offer personalized recommendations

High up NN/g recommends prioritizing them over more generic recommendations. Put that ‘Recommended For You’ section high up on the homepage. (source)   Tell them how Specify how you came up with those personalized recommendations. They can be based on their previous orders and interests. At a minimum, mention that these recommendations are ‘Based on […]



Add sub-category links

  Product categories often overlap. Sometimes, a product could belong to more than one category. Let’s take the example of a clothing store. You could have a men’s category and a women’s category.  This creates a little problem for unisex items like socks and t-shirts. Where do you keep them? You could solve that problem […]



Add urgency elements

Why are urgency triggers necessary? Psychology shows that people tend to act quicker when a sense of urgency is invoked. Urgency triggers human loss aversion and the fear of missing out.  The fear of missing out is the psychological need to to fit in.  Loss aversion is the psychological quirk that makes people’s desire to […]



Make your homepage long and rich

Users visiting your homepage for the first time will most likely land on your homepage first. This is your chance to not only make a good impression, but also guide them into your sales funnel. Having a rich homepage should never be confused with having a cluttered one that is a pain in the eyes. […]



Add social proof and build trust

Unless your store is a big established brand that most people already know about, building social proof and trust is a must. 80% of people are already concerned about their online privacy so first time customers are not just going to hand over their credit card information and residential address without some proof that you’re […]



Feature some products after your featured categories

On the homepage, featured categories are much more important than featured products (read more about featured categories, BP#28) But showcasing a few products helps get a sense of what you are offering, and potentially pique their curiosity. And that can be done above the fold or below the featured categories. User-controlled carousels are usually good […]



Feature your top categories right below the fold

A sign post to direct your users You have introduced your store and praised it to high heaven. Your shoppers know who you are, what you do, the benefits of buying from you, and are just beginning to trust you. What next? Many visitors on the homepage don’t know what they want to buy. Those […]



Avoid automatic carousels in your homepage’s hero section

On the homepage above the fold, avoid carousels altogether. A quickly rotating image distracts attention away from the CTA button. What I usually recommend is to either have a static background image or a slowly moving background video, especially if it is well-integrated with the text & CTA(s) above. I wrote an article on my […]



Present specific unique selling points

How is your store differentiated and better? It’s rare to be a one of a kind store. More often than not you’re going to have dozens of competitors. Shoppers are spoilt for choice and with e-commerce stores, switching is almost effortless. You need to position yourself so they buy from you instead of the other […]



Place a clear & descriptive CTA button above the fold

Motivate your shoppers to take action Your homepage exists to drive visitors into your sales funnel. After introducing your store, what next? What action do you want your shoppers to take? That’s where the CTA button comes in. Make it descriptive Avoid labels such as “Buy now” or “Order now”. Not only are they unimaginative, […]



Display your value proposition above the fold

An introduction to your store Your value proposition introduces your store to shoppers who have no idea what you’re about or what you sell when they land on your homepage for the first time. The value proposition tells your potential customers why they should do business with you. It tells them why they should buy […]



Add a Link Bar

A link bar is an essential navigation tool that advertises your main product categories just below the header. It also helps with customers who may be too lazy to open the collapsible burger menu.     A bit of data Growth Rock saw a 5% increase with 93% statistical significance by adding a Link Bar. […]