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Add links to your Return Policy and Shipping Info

According to Baymard, high extra costs (shipping, fees, taxes etc) are responsible for about half of all cart abandonments. Slow deliveries are responsible for another 19% while unsatisfactory returns policies are the reason behind 11% of cart abandonments. Shipping speeds and rates will always make up a huge part of the decision-making process for anyone […]



Add key contact information to the footer

Your customers will want to contact you. You are some person on the internet who wants their credit card information and their money. They’ll want to know if you’re real. Having clearly displayed contact information is one of the main methods you can use to boost your trust rating. In fact, 51% of your customers […]



Add payment and trust badges to the footer

Credit card logos They signify to users the payment options that are available. Showing them in the footer is a good way to reassure your customers. There are very few things more annoying than spending your time on a site only to discover that it doesn’t accept your payment method when you try checking out. […]