Customers are humans and sometimes they make mistakes. At times they may pay for stuff only to immediately regret the purchase. They may want to return the product for refund or exchange it for another variant or a different product entirely.

In physical stores, returning products before leaving the store with them is hassle free. You just ask the cashier for a refund. There are no grounds for refusing such a request since the product hasn’t yet left the store’s custody or been tampered with in any way.


Simplify order editing and cancellation

Some stores make order editing and cancellation unnecessarily hard. They make you call customer support and jump through hoops. I understand the reluctance to reverse a sale but making order cancellation unnecessarily hard frustrates customers and might cost you future business.

If you offer free returns, making order cancellation hard just costs you more since you’ll pay for the return shipping anyway. It’s just wasteful for all parties involved. It costs you nothing to allow customers to cancel or edit their orders immediately after placing them.

If your products require preparation, you can allow customers to cancel or edit their orders at any time before preparation begins. For other types of products, order cancellation should be allowed up to the point before the order is packed or shipped.

You should provide order editing and cancellation options in the order confirmation page. Don’t bury it somewhere in the footer where it’s impossible to find.


Contact information

You can also provide your contact information on the order confirmation page for customers who may be having trouble with their orders.