Why is clarifying what is in the product thumbnails important?

Some products come with multiple accessories. Take the example of a tablet. It can come with a stylus, keyboard, stand, charger, earphones, back cover, and a screen protector. 

An accessory like a charger will be included in the product price while the inclusion of the others varies from one store to another. Some stores bundle them in with the tablet while others sell them separately.

Some sites make the mistake of showing the tablet mounted on a stand with the keyboard attached yet both accessories are not included in the product price without clarifying that fact. 

Customers will just assume the accessories are included and then get supremely disappointed when they find out they aren’t. If they receive the product only to find the accessories missing, they may even feel cheated.

This is what makes listing the accessories included in the product kit important. You should also add a picture with the product and its included accessories in the product gallery. If you have a picture of a product with an accessory that isn’t included in the price, make that clear though it’s advisable to avoid such images if you can.

Products that need assembly like flat pack furniture also need to have a list clarifying what is included in the package accompanied by pictures of the same.


IKEA is missing thumbnails

On IKEA, how are we supposed to know what each of these are without a thumbnail? Red rectangles were added to show that there should be an image for each.