Video is one of the most beloved communication mediums of the modern era. For starters, it’s easier to digest than text.  Secondly, videos are quite easy to share. The same thing can’t be said of text pages. Video is also quite captivating, but most importantly, it works.


Video works

Video appears in 70% of the top 100 search result listings, and viewers are anywhere 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a video. 


Some giant stores don’t have product videos

Knowing the power and impact of video, that is something I highly recommend. I realize that it can require a substantial investment to produce a high number of quality videos, but the upside could well be worth the effort.


When to use video

For a lot of low-end stuff, videos may not be necessary. I don’t know many people who’d like to watch a video about plates or cups. 

But video really comes in handy with the big ticket items that require customers to take their time and really evaluate the purchase. A good product video might be all that’s needed to get them over the purchasing line.

For electronics like phones, computers, and TVs, or stuff like musical instruments, a video of them in action could go a long way. An unboxing or a review of those products in a genuine unscripted fashion is also a valid strategy.

Products that require instructions to use, install, or assemble would also benefit greatly from product videos. Think of computer chips, auto parts, or prefabricated stuff that requires assembly like mobile homes or IKEA furniture. An instructional how-to video would be greatly appreciated by your customers.

Videos might also be necessary when you have a unique high-performance product. Take the case of Miguel Caballero. He makes high-end bulletproof clothing and to prove the quality of his products, he has shot himself, his wife, and his staffers. The bullets have been stopped every single time.


What to watch out for

Users expect high-quality videos. Amateurish and grainy footage will do your brand more harm than good especially if you’re targeting the higher end of the market.

Customers also expect your video to load quickly and play without any lags so you need to optimize it. Pulling off a flawless video experience might be a little troublesome for a regular site so I recommend uploading the video to YouTube and then embedding it on your site if you can’t make it load and play at optimum speed.