There are several ways to build urgency


Flash sales

TBDress is the perfect example of the implementation of urgency with their flash sales and limited quantities:


And they reiterate the limited quantity on the product page:


Labels on products

It can also be done by adding labels on your products in your category pages, such as these:


These labels help the shopper lowering their decision fatigue by reducing the number of choices they evaluate. However, it should not be overdone. If most products have a label, users will tune those labels out.


Match the labels to the filters

A good practice is to try and match your filters with the labels, as much as possible. However, I wouldn’t put a filter for ‘Few Left’.

I often see labels on products (e.g. New, Best Seller, etc.), but I think it’s the first time I saw this one: New Lower Price.


Some nuance from a member

An interesting perspective from a couple of members of my Ecom Convert group

1. New Lower Price label is something I have not seen before either. Though to me, it signifies that this product’s price was previously lowered and it did not sell at that price so, the store had to drop it further in an effort to get it to move. This makes you wonder as to what is wrong with this product that it is not selling. This may not be how others interpret that label, but it is how I view it.

2. As a consumer that’s the exact thing that I would wonder. It sounds cheap as in lower quality