An email a day is spammy

Your newsletter is very important to you. It’s where you announce new initiatives, deals, and changes in policy. But the average customer doesn’t really care much for that stuff. Many of them opt out. 62% of those opting out say it’s because they receive too many emails. So, if you are sending an email a day you’re definitely doing it wrong. 

The problem is also due to some 71% of sites signing users up to their newsletters by default. This is wrong. Consent is important. Opting them in by default costs you a lot of goodwill and gets emails from your store marked as spam. That includes really important stuff like delivery emails and order confirmations. 

But making your newsletter sign-ups optional isn’t enough to win you converts. You still have to put in the work. Your customers won’t sign up if your prompt doesn’t appeal to them.

What to do

Specify the frequency of newsletter (i.e. weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, or only on special occasions). No one likes to be spammed and no one wants to find ten emails from you in their inbox every morning.

Make your prompt specific and compelling. A generic “Sign up for our newsletter” just isn’t going to cut it. Tell them why they need to sign up. You can make it worth their while by offering a discount or free shipping within a certain window.

Try something along the lines of: