Shoppers expect a quick response

As mentioned in best practice #39, your shoppers expect a quick response when they need help. 31% of people surveyed in the study expected an immediate response.

A chatbot provides an instant response, and thus gives additional time for a human service agent to jump in if needed.


It’s also a great place to provide a discount and capture their email.

One of the members from my Ecom Convert group got a significant increase as, seemingly, a result of adding a live chat and chatbot:

30% increase despite lower investment in Facebook ads

I optimized the website but even before the website became totally different, the chat bot was the only significant change. The website was only updated towards mid-end of March

The 30% increase is a direct result of the live chat


Then I asked him about the Covid pandemic and perhaps it being a factor. Here’s his response:

I highly doubt the pandemic caused the increase. These products are used by gym rats mainly, and gyms are closed

Also before the pandemic I’ve seen an increase.

I remember being in my real estate office & answering the live chat there (before the government decided we weren’t an essential service).

The main thing that caused the 30% increase is the “It’s nice to see you’re back! We have a gift for you. Here’s 15% off on today’s order”



He experienced an increase in sales of more than 40% in March after adding the live chat and chat bot, as compared to February. 

He also told me that 60% of his orders in April so far were using a discount generated by Tidio (the live chat software he uses). So while I still have some doubt as to the attribution of his results being only because of the addition of the live chat and chatbot, it is proof enough to at least encourage you to test it!


Give product guidance

Some chatbots can answer natural language questions or ask multi-choice questions and make suggestions of products. 


Study by Drift & Salesforce

Here’s an interesting study about chatbots by Drift, Salesforce and a couple of other companies: (source)