Your customers will want to contact you.

You are some person on the internet who wants their credit card information and their money. They’ll want to know if you’re real. Having clearly displayed contact information is one of the main methods you can use to boost your trust rating. In fact, 51% of your customers will trust your business more if they can easily contact you.

But that’s not all contact information is good for. Some customers will have questions about their purchases or certain policies, a few may just want to say hi, and many many more will want to complain about something. 


It is imperative that they are able to reach you.

Good customer service is extremely important and a major component of the customer retention process. Retaining existing customers is a lot cheaper than attracting new ones and has a lot more benefits:


Contact information you can provide:


Providing your contact information is half the equation.

Being actually reachable is the other half of it. Phones require the most work. I covered how to properly manage phone phone calls in BP #7.

Emails are a little less demanding but still need to be replied to within a reasonable timeframe. Social media shouldn’t be ignored. If you’re targeting a young audience, authentic social media engagements can help direct a lot of organic traffic to your store.