It’s not over just because you have made a sale. You want your customers to come back. For that to happen, you have to leave them as happy as possible. The post-purchase experience is just as important as the buying process. That’s where a thank you page comes into play.

A thank you page makes your customers feel valued and can be a great place to ask for reviews and even referrals if you do it right.

Keep it short and sweet

No long paragraphs. In fact, no paragraphs at all. One or two lines are fine, three’s pushing it and four is criminal. Think of something like this: “Thank you for buying a teddy bear from us. Please rate your purchase.”

It should be short, sweet, and to the point. It should include a benefit for the customer and not be salesy.

Have a single call to action

You should only ask for one thing on the thank you page. It can be a review, a referral, or a newsletter signup but there can only be one. Don’t overwhelm your customers. They’ve already given you their money. You don’t want to look greedy.

Whatever you ask, make it worth their while. What do they get out of a referral? Why should they give you their email address? Store credit or a discount for a referral may be a nice enticement. Same for something like a newsletter signup. Ask yourself: What do you offer and what are your customers missing by not signing up? The more compelling the reason, the better.

Additional tips for creating a great thank you page