An introduction to your store

Your value proposition introduces your store to shoppers who have no idea what you’re about or what you sell when they land on your homepage for the first time.

The value proposition tells your potential customers why they should do business with you. It tells them why they should buy whatever you’re selling instead of the other countless competing products out there. It’s for this reason that you should display it above the fold (the top half of your home page)

Your value proposition should be written out in a large but concise headline in the hero section (the main section of the first screen). Users spend 57% of their page-viewing time above the fold and 74% of their viewing time in the first two screenfuls. So placing your value proposition where they can see it without scrolling won’t hurt.

Make sure it’s something creative and avoid generic and unimaginative headlines like the name of your store, or “Welcome”.



Make it clear, concise, and benefit-oriented.


The alternative

Other possible contents of your hero section can focus on your current special offer, event, or a new product.



A) Promote a solution or a desirable self image


B) Promote exclusivity or the most desirable social image outcome