People make mistakes. It’s the entire point behind the existence of the order review step during the checkout process. Customers are expected to look through their orders and other information like their delivery addresses and confirm everything is as it should be before finally proceeding to the payment stage.


Most stores overcomplicate the editing of orders

Let’s say you’re buying something from Store X and once you make it to the Order Review step, you realize that you mistyped your address by filling in 1608 Pennsylvania Avenue instead of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Or maybe you ordered two identical novelty mugs instead of just one. What do you do?

You would obviously press the “Edit” button because there is no point in paying for an order that will be delivered to the wrong address or having to go through the hassle of returning an unwanted item. Problem is, 38% of stores will send you several steps back. Some will send you all the way back to the cart page just to delete an unwanted item. They will then force you to redo the checkout steps you had already dealt with. This is incredibly frustrating.


A more elegant solution

I think a much more elegant solution that creates a lot less friction is to have the ability to edit all the information you entered, directly from the last step (Order Review). Each information group (email, delivery address, delivery options, billing address, payment info) should have its own Change button or link.


Single page checkout

If your checkout is a single-page checkout, then the same goes (see the ASOS example below).