Window shopping

Customers don’t end up buying every single time they visit your store. More often than not, they come in, look around, and for any number of reasons leave without making a purchase. In most cases, they’re just window-shopping, if browsing products on an e-commerce store can be called that.

Sometimes, they may be considering a purchase but haven’t really made up their minds. They may be checking out prices while waiting on a paycheck. Or they may just be exploring their options if they intend to make a big ticket purchase. Others may just be first time customers trying to get the hang of your store.


Jogging their memories

As these visitors or customers browse the site or come back for a second visit, showing them their previous searches is a good way to give them easy access to products they’re interested in, and jog their memories. They may have forgotten. Or maybe the thought is just at the back of their mind. You need to bring it to the forefront.

The product they hesitated to buy a week ago may have just started to look good. The guy waiting on a paycheck finally has money to spend. The newbie looking around has begun to develop some trust in you and your store. This is the perfect time to strike. Show them their previous searches. They may not remember if you don’t take the initiative.

Showing popular searches isn’t a feature as frequently found on online stores, but it is definitely something to test.