Your unique selling points (USPs) are what set you apart from other stores. They tell customers why they should buy from you instead of your competitors. They are an important part of your store’s branding and value proposition. USPs can sometimes be the deciding factor when it comes to a customer deciding to buy or bounce. They include things like:


Under BP #25- Present specific unique selling points, I cover how to come up with your own compelling USPs. But coming up with them is just half the battle. Your USPs won’t be as effective as they could be if customers don’t see them. 

You need to display them and continue reinforcing them throughout all stages of the shopping process. Display your USPs on the homepage, the product page (just below the “Add to Cart” button), and finally the cart page.

Showing your USPs on the cart page will reinforce the benefits of buying from your store and hopefully nudge reluctant customers towards that crucial final stage: checkout. 

A customer who has started to worry about shipping costs might be won over by free shipping while one who is concerned about a product failing to live up to expectations might be convinced to take a risk on it by your hassle-free returns policy.