In the cart

From a quick glance at their cart, it should be easy for shoppers to recognize the items they’re about to pay for. Customers need to confirm their selections and catch any errors or items they may have added to their carts accidentally. As such, you need to include relevant product attributes to make this double-checking process as easy as possible.


What to include:

The product image – Humans process images a lot faster than text so including a thumbnail is absolutely necessary.

The product title – The product title tells customers exactly what they’re buying if an image doesn’t communicate that. For example, it might not be apparent that someone is buying a 65-inch Samsung TV from the image alone so the product title helps communicate this.

Product attributes – The attributes you display depend largely on the type of product. For clothing, attributes like size and color are paramount while attributes like RAM, processor speed, and storage space are what matter most in a laptop. Attributes help customers determine whether they’ve selected the right variant in the case of products with multiple variants.

Quantity – This enables customers to check whether they’ve selected the right amount of products or mistakenly added an item to their cart twice.

Price – Showing customers the price allows them to determine if they chose right and whether they can actually afford the product in question. In the event of a customer selecting a quantity larger than one (say three shirts), you need to show both the unit price and the subtotal for that particular item.


This also applies to the modal window or side panel when adding to cart.

Other important attributes: