While customer education is commonly done in product descriptions and the homepage, you can also educate your customer on the category page. A thorough understanding of your product and the processes by which it came into existence would greatly improve conversions. 

There are cases where educating your customers on the category page might be necessary. In the case of a new product, then your customers will need all the information you can provide. Knowledgeable customers are more confident, make better purchase decisions, and are far less likely to suffer from post-purchase regret.

Conscious consumerism is another reason to educate your customers. A growing section of modern customers are no longer just concerned about what a product is doing for them. They’re also worried about the social, political, and environmental impact of their purchases. 

The category page is as good a page as any to educate customers about the sustainable practices used in obtaining your product’s ingredients or components. If your product is made from locally sourced materials instead of being assembled by 13-year-olds in a sweatshop half an ocean away, tell them about it. Such information may just be the push some visitors need before they pull out their credit cards.


Copy sections

You can copy some of the sections you have on your homepage and/or product page and include them in your Category page if your visitors need extra convincing. For example: