Everyone likes a deal. It’s the entire reason why sites like Groupon exist in the first place. Your customers will always take advantage of any opportunity to pay less though implementation can cost you conversions.


Discount code fields might lead to checkout abandonment

Many checkout forms have a discount code field. Customers are very hyper aware of such fields when they’re filling out forms. 

A discount code field can be doubly taunting to a customer who doesn’t have a coupon. If Jonah is filling out his payment form and notices a discount code field, he’s going to feel that he needs a coupon. After all, if other people are getting a discount, why shouldn’t he?

Jonah then exits the payment page and goes hunting for coupons. This is very risky for you as his chances of him returning are not guaranteed. If he finds a coupon, great; if he doesn’t, things might turn out very differently. He might feel resentful about having to overpay.  Why should he pay more when others are paying less? He might be lured away by a competitor or reconsider the purchase altogether.


Fill in the discount code automatically

If your store offers a discount code, you should automatically fill it in for them. The same should be done for shoppers who follow a promotional link into your store. Pre-filled form fields also save your customers a lot of unnecessary typing.