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There’s less space on mobile.

The ideal solution is to have a logo already so simple that it is just as clear on desktop and mobile. But perhaps that’s not your case. An easy solution to that is to simplify it.


Some nuance

Thoughts from a member of my Ecom Convert group:

Some sites are now doing away with mobile and just using text of the domain name. Personally, I think this is bad practice for branding on mobile. And, I disagree with removing the tagline on mobile. It may save space for the purpose of less scrolling, but everyone is used to scrolling on mobile and doing this really diminishes branding.

My view on this is that as long as the value proposition / differentiation is clearly expressed high up on the homepage, it doesn’t need to be in the header on mobile in the form of a tagline. Having multiple rows of header always visible on mobile is quite annoying. So one way to mitigate that is to opt for a semi-sticky header (see best practice #14)


Simple enough for desktop and mobile

For most brands I looked at, their logo is already simple enough to work on both desktop and mobile without change necessary (except only making it smaller on mobile). And I think that’s the ideal situation to be in. Simplify your logo until it works for both mobile and desktop and is just as clear on either device.