An “About Us” page allows shoppers to learn more about you and your business yet many sites treat it as an afterthought. A lot of “About Us” pages on the internet are practically identical once you remove the site name. They’re usually a few hastily written paragraphs that barely elicit any reactions from those reading them. 

Don’t make the same mistake. The “About Us” page should be concise, memorable, and geared towards earning the trust of your customers.


Organize it

If you have a lot of content on the page, make sure it’s properly structured for ease of navigation and visual appeal. Organize it into sections and subsections.


Make it personal

The “About Us” page should share your story. Tell your customers how your company got started, and why. Showcase your team; people like to buy from other people rather. Keep it relaxed; avoid excessively formal language or jargon.


Avoid hyperbole

The “About Us” page shouldn’t read like marketing copy. Customers don’t want to be oversold, they want to learn about you. Use facts and figures (number of years in business, customers served, products shipped, impact made etc).


Mention your value proposition

This is where you tell customers the problem your business solves and what value it adds to their lives. Tell them what makes your business different from all the others. If you have charity initiatives, this is a good place to discuss them.


Include social proof and visuals

You can feature customer reviews and testimonials. If you have won any awards or been featured by media outlets, this is the place to brag about it (modestly, of course). An Instagram gallery of users interacting with your products is also a good idea.


Add a call to action

Once a customer has scrolled to the bottom of your “About Us” page, you need to tell them what to do next. You can add a button telling them to sign up for your newsletter, browse your products, or order a certain product (if you are a single-product store).