Mistyped email fields can cause a lot of trouble if the mistake isn’t caught on time. Important emails will be undelivered, or worse, sent to the wrong email address. And God forbid a customer tries to log in. Since password reset relies on an email address, a customer who types their email address incorrectly will be unable to reset their password and get locked out of their account forever.

While format verification is often used to determine whether an email address adheres to the proper format (x@x.com, x@x.edu, x@x.co.cn etc), it cannot determine whether an email address is valid. It only checks whether the email address entered adheres to the proper sequence and format. 

Although email verification links can be used to determine the validity of email addresses, domain validation can catch some of the more common errors as they’re typed, saving customers from unnecessary headaches when they attempt to log in. While the initial part of the address is hard to verify, the domain names (gmail, outlook, yahoo, id.apple etc) are pretty easy to verify as they’re well known.

Common typos:

Domain validation can be used to catch these typos while the shopper is still in the field instead of returning an error message later. If John types in his email address as johndoe@gnail.com, you should ask if he meant johndoe@gmail.com.