Typical payment methods



In regards to PayPal, roughly half the stores I looked at (see the table below in the examples) offer an express PayPal checkout with a CTA button at the same place as the normal ‘Checkout’ button (in the cart). And the other half offer PayPal as a payment method at the same level as the credit card option in the checkout page.

According to Neil Patel in this recent podcast episode:

‘For certain audiences, instead of having a normal checkout flow, using a PayPal checkout flow, even though it’s not as convenient for the user, we’re seeing in certain instances that conversions are going up, especially within certain regions, especially inside the United States, and the reason being is people are worried about security.’


Users don’t care about the gateway

My recommendation is abstract of the payment gateway you choose. Users don’t care which gateway you use, they care that their preferred payment method is supported.



Stripe is obviously a good gateway choice as it supports a lot of options:


The main issue I see with Stripe however is that it doesn’t integrate with PayPal, which is an option a lot of shoppers want.


At a minimum

So I recommend testing having a PayPal checkout vs (or in addition to) having a normal checkout flow with cards. So obviously if you’re already with Stripe, PayPal isn’t an option (you can manually add it with some code), but you could at least then test one of the other wallets, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay or Masterpass or Visa Checkout.


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See best practices #37 and #190 for more information and examples on where to mention your payment methods.