Above the fold

While above the fold is a slightly dated description it simply refers to the top half of the screen. This is the part of the site your users can see without scrolling. But random placement won’t cut it. The ideal location would be in the header or the main menu.



Group account-related features

Due to the sheer number of options and design limitations, every post-sale action can’t be its own menu item. Some like account login and sign up, order tracking, product returns, refund policy, and your wish list can be grouped under the “My Account” menu.

Others like feedback and support can be standalone menu items. 


Why should you have robust post-sale support?


There are many ways to drum up repeat business for your site but excellent post-sale service is one of the most effective ways to increase your customer retention rates and consequently sales. Good post-sale service also helps your customers alleviate their post-purchase guilt. It’s a major problem especially if they feel they could have gotten a better deal elsewhere.


On mobile

The account icon can simply bring the user to the Log In / Join page first.