In a physical store, you select your goods, pay for them, and take them home immediately afterwards. This is never the case for online shopping though. There is always a delay between the time you pay for your goods and when you receive them. And it’s not just a time delay. It involves extra costs for shipping and handling. This delay is not ideal considering half of shoppers abandon their carts in the last stage due to excessively high additional costs. Another 19% abandon their carts when they see delivery is going to take ages.

Let’s take the example of Jonah who is planning to go camping tomorrow but while packing realizes that his neighbor borrowed his tent stakes a few months back and then moved house before returning them.

Needing to replace them as soon as possible, he goes online but nobody offers same day delivery. There are expedited one-day-shipping options but Jonah wants to leave the very next morning and has no guarantees that the delivery guy will arrive before 9 am.

Besides, he feels that paying $8 to ship a 10-dollar pack of tent stakes is insane. If you have a physical store, a case like this one provides you with a massive edge over your purely online-based competitors. 

By offering store pickup you can:

  1. Offer Jonah same-day pickup.
  2. Reduce his shipping costs to zero.


Store pickup is a great way to motivate price conscious customers and those in a hurry to make a purchase that they wouldn’t have made otherwise. Drawing customers into your store also presents you with the opportunity to sell them more stuff.


How to properly implement store pickup